Fitting information and Bra facts


Getting custom fit for a bra is not only about discovering your correct bra size but also about learning which styles and brands suit your body shape and tastes.  It’s also important for discovering what bra type will give you the best support and provide the most comfort.  Because all brands of bra vary in some way and because each woman has her own unique, sexy shape, our lingerie specialists trained to help you find the perfect fit.


The right, the perfect fitting bra will lift and support the breast and enhance the waistline, as well as improving the wearer’s posture immediately.  It will also help to eliminate back pain caused by poor support.  The right bra also can make the breasts look smaller, elongating the wearer’s silhouette.  Alternately, the right bra can also give the breasts a fuller, larger appearance, giving the wearer more shapely curves.

Bra facts

Did you know that 80% of women currently wear the wrong sized bra? An improperly fitting bra can make you appear overweight or frumpy.  Wearing a professionally fitted bra transforms your appearance, improves your everyday comfort and posture while also causing you to carry yourself more confidently.  It also makes a huge difference in reducing things like lower back pain and shoulder strap strain.


A recent study showed that over 25% of women say that they have decided against buying a particular piece of clothing that they loved because they felt that they didn’t have the correct bra to wear underneath the garment.






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